Special Needs Trusts and Guardianship

Estate planning for a child with a disability is crucial. Guardianship alone is not sufficient for the needs of your child or incapacitated adult with a disability.

Love Estate Planning

Are you prepared for a life crisis? People work to provide a home, a quality of life; yet, many fail to put an estate plan in place. An estate plan will give you and your family peace of mind.

Do You Have Estate Planning Goals?

Happy Holidays!  Now it’s time to watch the year tick down. Then we ring in the New Year and watch the Ball drop. As you reflect on the year – Did you accomplish all your goals in 2022?  Life happens and maybe you didn’t get to everything.  Do you know one goal that should not […]

Personal Injury and Special Needs

Creating a First-Party Special Needs Trust helps a person preserve government benefits and still benefit from a personal injury settlement.