What is a Family LLC?

When you own a family business what estate planning do you need to thing about to protect generational wealth and your legacy?

What’s Wrong with DIY Estate Plans?

Whether you are considering writing your own will or using an online “do it yourself” (DIY) document creator, there are many reasons why this is one project you should not undertake without the help of an estate planning attorney.

Estate Plans for Business Owners

It’s time to take care of your estate plan. What is the connection between your business and your estate? How does estate planning protect you as a business owner? Estate planning solutions in asset protection exist for business owners to help protect your bottom line.

Are Granny Cams Legal?

Electronic surveillance with granny cams is a hot topic in eldercare issues. The question to consider is this: Are Granny Cams legal?

Seniors Beware the Scammer

Scammers exist out there who prey on various populations, usually ones who are the most vulnerable. Seniors, especially tend to not have the best social media or technology skills, making them an easier target. Beware of senior scams!

Estate Planning and Grey Divorce

Unhappy Senior Couple

Grey divorces affects your estate plans. What is the effect on your wills, trusts, and powers of attorney? Why is it important to update your estate plan.

What is Wealth Management?

This article focuses on advanced estate planning and asset protection for affluent families. Wealth management is part of advanced estate planning that creates solutions for economically affluent families.

What is Elder Law?

Senior citizens in elder law

What is Elder Law? Elder law attorneys counsel Seniors and people with disabilities on issues related to aging.

Why Estate Planning?

There are what if questions to consider in estate planning. What if you don’t have an estate plan? Here’s some answers.